1. Tennessee Iris

From the recording On A Farm

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She’s my beautiful Tennessee Iris
Like a flower her beauties the same
I’ve gone back to the valley that claimed her
And the rest of my life I’ll remain

Growing up in the hills of Roan County
Just a lad I was young and care free
‘Til one day with the glance of a stranger
My sweet Iris I happened to meet

From the moment I saw her I loved her
And I soon found that she felt the same
And we promised to love one another
And I do as I stand here today


Golden rings, frilly things I have plenty
Traded love for the wealth of the town
But I’d give it down to my last penny
If a place in her heart could be found


On returning I found no one waiting
No one smiling with arms open wide
For the word was my Iris was buried
In the cold winter winds she had died