From the recording On A Farm

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I think maybe I’ll head out west
Change would do me good and it might be for the best
My soul is achin’ and my mind could use a rest
Broken dreams and memories are all that I have left

One last goodbye was all it took
Turn around he said, but I never even looked
He’d keep treating me this way, I knew he always would
I left him with his peace of mind, I hope he understood

Don’t know just why I couldn’t stay
Scared I’ll find myself just lost along the way
But the game is over, win or lose, the cards have all been played
And moving on this time I know some how I’ll find my way

To heal my heart I think that I just need some time alone
Driving down this lonely road whichever way it goes

Just where I’ll wind up I don’t know
Out on the open road the time just moves so slow
Fields of green roll on by, you reap what you have sown
Can’t look back to change it now, it’s just the way things go